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The Tudors 100 -- a Drabble Community
Drabble Template Key 
31st-Mar-2007 03:05 pm
the tudors, tudors

Template KEY

Title: The name of your drabble.
If your drabble is deliberately untitled, please call it "Untitled, #_."
(The use of a numbering system makes it easier for others to refer to it.)

Challenge: Challenge #

Word Count: Your exact word count.

Fandom: If you're posting a crossover with another fandom, you need to add this fandom (or ship) line, please. Please use the FULL NAME of any fandom(s) you're referring to. Thanks!

Pairing/Main Character: The full names of the main characters included in your drabble.

If you wish, you can also include an 'Actor' line where you can tell people what actor portrays each character included in your work. (This applys only to 'fictional' -- non-RPS -- fanfics.)

Note: Using the full names of fandoms, characters and actors makes it easier for everyone. Not all members will be familiar with every fandom or every character.

For our template purposes, RP (real people) are viewed as 'characters.' Include RP names beside 'Pairing/Main Character.'

Author: Your author name.
This can be your LJ username, or any other name you like being referred to when writing fanfic (or both). Please include an author name with all work shared.

Feedback/Comments: Yes or no.
If you prefer NOT to receive comments to your drabble, please say NO after 'Feedback/Comments.'

NOTE: Do NOT disable comments -- in the event a maintainer wishes to post something (non-critical) regarding your work. Thanks.

!!!Warnings: Any necessary warnings.
Please read this for detailed information regarding warnings. Thanks!

Author Note: Any short note you wish to include. (Save longer notes for UNDER the cut, please. Thanks.)

A short author note might include the use of a beta (if any), a first-time post to the community, a first-time ever drabble, etc.

Again, it's fine for you to use your own template -- and/or additional areas (lines) -- under the cut at your own discretion.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us! You can find out contact info by checking the COMMUNITY RULES.

Thanks for your cooperation!