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The Tudors 100 -- a Drabble Community
DRABBLE: "Open Eyes" (Challenge #1) 100 words 
6th-Apr-2007 12:10 am
manly love, tudors manly love
Title: "Open Eyes"
Word Count: 100
Pairing/Main Character: Jonathan Rhys Meyers/Henry Cavill
Author: Andee andee_marko
Feedback/Comments: Yes.
!!!Warnings: Slash. RPS. First time.
Author Note: I like writing RPS, so I stuck with it for this challenge. I like 100 word drabbles because it's interesting to try and actually say something in such a few words.

Warm hands pet his bare skin. He keeps his eyes tightly shut, imagining he truly is King Henry, and not an actor striving to portray the regal young king.

"Your Majesty?"

"Yes?" He congratulates himself for managing a haughty tone.

"May I give you satisfaction?"

He waits a beat before answering.

"If you are able, Charles."

He wonders if Henry Cavill has his eyes open or closed. Is his fellow actor staring down at him?

He almost opens his eyes to check.

But it's too soon for that. This is only the beginning. Maybe he'll open his eyes next time...

The end

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